The ARMA Mid-Michigan Chapter meets on a monthly basis typically during the third week of the month. Our events are usually held from 4:00-5:00 pm and are $5 for all attendees (first-time and students are free!).

Lunch meetings (12:00-1:00 pm) are $15. The dates, costs and venues may vary from month-to-month.


For more information on our monthly meetings, please visit the Programs page. Special event information, such as workshops and seminars, is included here. 

Upcoming Events

Wed, Aug 19
Online Event - GoToMeeting
2020 ONLINE Summer Seminar - August 19
The Way Things Are Now: The Modern Records Lifecycle
Wed, Apr 17
The MTG Space
2019 Mid-Michigan ARMA Spring Seminar - COMPLIANCE!
In a world facing increasing regulatory requirements for managing sensitive information, one seminar can help! Join us for a day of education on security and privacy regulations and policies affecting your records and information, and what you can do to comply.