Our Commitment

To promote and  advance improvement of records and information management and related field through education.

To advance professional knowledge and techniques by sharing and exchanging experiences and information related to the field of records and information management.

To create an atmosphere permitting the interchange of ideas and the social well being of its members.

Chapter Values

  • Quality in the educational programs we provide.

  • Member orientation providing education targeted to our members

  • Integrity operating the chapter in an ethical and honest manner.

  • President - Sam Beland

  • Past President - Mari Martin, CDIA

  • Vice President - Jessie Weston, CRA

  • Director of Programs - Jennifer Silveus

  • Director of Membership - Jennie Russell

  • Treasurer - Jennifer Green

  • Secretary - Linnea Knapp, CRM

  • Director - Jennifer Moore

  • Director - Emily Rowland

  • Director - Kiersten McAvoy, CRM

  • Director - (vacant)

  • Director - (vacant)