The ARMA Mid-Michigan Chapter meets on a monthly basis typically during the third week of the month. The dates, costs and venues may vary from month-to-month. Our face to face events are usually held from 4:00-5:00 pm. Webinars are typically held in the afternoon from 12:00-1:00 or 4:00-5:00.  The cost to attend is $5 for Mid-Michigan Chapter members and $7 for all other attendees. For in person lunch meetings the cost is typically $15 with lunch included. First-time participants and students are free!  Payments can be made by check or online at:


Special event information, such as workshops and seminars, is on the Events tab. 

IG Skills for 2020 & Certifications

IG Career Path -
Which road to take? 

As our gift, let us give you an opportunity to help build on your IG career path on May 28 from
11 am – 12 pm
with Andrew Ysasi (EE-SA-SEE), MS, FIP, FIIM, CIPM, CIPP, CISM, PMP, CRM, IGP, CIP). 


Andrew has 25 years of experience in executive leadership, technology, privacy, security, and information governance.  As Vice President of Advocacy for VRC, he is tasked with mentoring, educating, volunteering, and advocating for all matters related to information governance (IG). Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in information technology and holds a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University.


Attendees will explore some of the skills IG professionals need to have and where to get these skills.  Topics such as data analytics, leadership, application development, privacy, and cybersecurity will be covered.  Further, industry certifications will be highlighted as well as some newer certifications on the market.



Build Remote Worker Strategy

We Jumped Headfirst into a New Normal

As our gift, let us give you a jump start on building a remote worker strategy on April 23 from 1-2 pm with Mari Martin, Senior Document Management Specialist for Applied Imaging. Mari has served on the ARMA Mid-Michigan Board for the past 20 years and is currently serving as Past-President having completed 3 terms as President.

We’re all feeling it.  Uncertainty and worry about what the current pandemic situation holds for our businesses and our lives. We want to help any way we can. This webinar will provide tips and a discussion on how to overcome challenges when setting up your employees to work remotely.

Topics will include:

  • Implementing the right tools to connect your work force.

  • Securely access your data from anywhere including your mobile device.

  • Optimize business processes and mitigate risks.

  • Enable collaboration with a workflow strategy.

  • Empower remote employees.



Dive Into IG Program Creation with a  Focus on GDPR

Design a Robust IG Program Focusing on GDPR! 

Join  ARMA Mid-Michigan and colleagues March 19 for a webinar from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm on designing a robust IG program focusing on GDPR with Kedar Thakkar and Kiersten Ward from RICCOH USA, Inc. Kedar is a Certified Information Governance Professional (IGP), and Certified Information Professional (CIP) with 20+ years of experience as RIM practitioner, IG consultant and IT administration and architecture. Kiersten is a Certified Records Manager (CRM) with 19+ years in designing IG programs that protect and leverage the information assets of organizations.

The topic is to equate the fundamentals of Information governance with the main focus areas of GDPR. Both from strategy and implementation perspective I'd like to show how these focus areas are aligned. Ultimately, having a robust IG Program within the organization allows it to tackle this and any future such regulations with relative ease.



Learn More About Organizational Data Mapping

Data Mapping: Know and Manage Your Information! 

Join  ARMA Mid-Michigan and colleagues February 13th for a webinar from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm on Data Mapping with Melissa Dederer. Melissa is a Fellow of ARMA International (FAI), Certified Information Governance Professional (IGP), and Certified Records Manager (CRM). 


Managing data is of utmost importance, especially in today’s mostly digital world.  Do you know where your organization’s data is?  Do you also know who owns each data set?  Who uses it?  Who just views it?  What’s in it?  Having a thorough picture of your organization’s data is key to being able to properly manage it.  In this session, you will learn the key steps to follow so that you can develop an organizational data map to help you better manage your information.



I don't love 90's

Explore real case studies of migrating imaging and document management systems! 

Join ARMA Mid-Michigan and colleagues January 21 from 12 pm to 1 pm in Lansing (or by webinar) for a presentation on tackling the migration issues from legacy systems with Jennifer Silveus! Jennifer is the Records Center Operations Manager for the State of Michigan Records Management Services Division overseeing the daily activities of the State Records Center and developing new improvements and service offerings for State of Michigan customer agencies. 


Imaging and document management systems were cutting edge technology 20 years ago. Now, many of the organizations that have implemented these systems are finding that they’ve aged about as well as pagers, floppy disks, and the Sony Walkman. This session will review three real case studies of migrating 1990’s imaging and document management systems. Jennifer will discuss the challenges posed by these migrations, and the strategies used to overcome them, with topics ranging from obsolete optical disk media and reformatting documents for today’s technology, to the contractual and financial issues posed by unsupported systems.

Building a digital roadmap for a Paperless Office 

Building a Digital Roadmap for a Paperless Office! 

Is your office interested in becoming a paperless environment? Are you having difficulty deciding on when to start, what equipment fits your needs, or which software works the best for your situation? Join ARMA Mid-Michigan and colleagues December 19th from 3 pm to 4 pm for a webinar on building a digital roadmap for a paperless office. Our two panelist are Jordan Austin from the Xerox Corporation and Bryan Fatka from General Code Content Management. Jordan’s expertise in digital transformation is focused on intelligent capture and routing of documents, workflow automation, and enterprise document management systems. Bryan has a unique technical and project management focus finding customized solutions for customers with their digital needs improving security and efficiency with his extensive insight into software solutions.


This panel will provide a roadmap for transforming your office into a paperless environment. Key areas focused on will be records capture, workflow, archival, retrieval utilizing existing technology to be more efficient and secure


Security Compliance for Records & Vendor Services

Learn more about Security Compliance! 

Join ARMA Mid-Michigan and colleagues October 17th from 4 pm to 5 pm for a presentation on security compliance for records and vendor services! Jennifer Green from the State of Michigan’s Records Management Services (RMS) will discuss her security research primarily focusing on security requirements and controls that apply to physical and electronic record storage services, as well as vendor/contracted services provided for RMS. Jennifer is a departmental analyst at RMS where she specializes in professional consulting, designing organized filing systems, records reproduction and business process analysis. Her overview on security compliance includes; strategies for researching multiple security regulations, identifying security requirements that are specific to your organization, analyzing applicable security requirements for compliance, and performing a gap analysis for non-compliant and partially compliant requirements.

Got Office 365? Become an Information Management Superhero 

Be an Information Management Superhero with Office 365! 

Join ARMA Mid-Michigan and colleagues September 19th from 3 pm to 4 pm for a webinar on better information management in Office 365 with Jim Vardon. Jim is the Manager of Information Compliance at FirstEnergy. In his 20 plus years in IT and Information Compliance, he champions IG initiatives promoting compliance with rules, regulations and laws pertaining to business information. Jim's presentation will walk you through the process to win daily battles of properly managing documents stored in Office 365 and leveraging defensible disposition to sweep through the ROT to stay compliant.

Defensibly Dispose and Manage your Information

Are you practicing defensible disposition?  

Join ARMA Mid-Michigan and colleagues June 27th for a webinar on Defensible Disposition with Melissa Dederer. Melissa is a Fellow of ARMA International (FAI), Certified Information Governance Professional (IGP), and Certified Records Manager (CRM). Most organizations have an increasing volume of information both electronic and paper, yet they are not hitting the delete button for fear of being noncompliant with the myriad laws and regulations they must follow. By attending this session you will learn how to create a reasonable, good faith effort method to help reduce your increasing volume of information and allow you to manage it better on a go-forward basis.

Certified Records Manager & Certified Records Analyst Workshop

Are you Interested in Becoming a Certified Records Manager or Analyst?  

Mid-Michigan ARMA is excited to offer a Certified Records Manager (CRM) / Certified Records Analyst (CRA) Workshop to assist prospective CRM and CRA candidates. The CRM or CRA

designation demonstrates a solid foundation of core skills and competencies for the RIM

professional. This full-day preparation workshop will provide an introduction to the CRM/CRA examination process as well as an overview of Parts 1-6 and sample examination questions.  Click on the 'Save the Date Advertisement for more information and a complete schedule.

Project Management Tips to Ensure IG Success!

Join ARMA Mid-Michigan on March 21 on Project Management Tips to Ensure IG Success! Are you having trouble getting your Information Governance (IG) program off the ground, or back on track in your organization? Chances are, that’s a yes (understandably). IG can be a big beast to tackle! Andrew Ysasi, Vice President of Advocacy at Vital Records Control and President of IG Guru®, will show us how using certain project management methodologies and best practices may be helpful to get your IG program off the ground or back on track. By attending this session, you will walk away with a better understanding of project management lingo and ideas on how to incorporate project management into your organization’s IG program. 

Emerging Trends in Records Management Technology

Join ARMA Mid-Michigan on February 21 for a webinar discussion with Jessie Weston on emerging trends in records management technology. There is a lot of technology available today to manage records but that doesn’t mean we can walk away from the responsibilities of managing them ourselves. Technology can make this job easier, but people will always have a role in records management. This presentation will address how the emergence of digital records has changed that role; how to preserve digital records so that they remain accessible throughout their lifecycle; and how to use auto classification tools to identify records by subject, security, or classification. Jessie is a records analyst specializing in electronic document management and imaging at the State of Michigan Records Management Services.

Legal Holds Panel Discussion

Join ARMA Mid-Michigan on January 17 for a Legal Holds panel discussion during lunch! Legal Holds are an essential early step in the e-discovery process, and crucial to showing defensible and good faith efforts to preserve evidence. Representatives from the State of Michigan Attorney General’s Office and Dow Chemical Company will be on hand to discuss their legal hold processes, tools, challenges, technology, and experiences with hold management software.

Comprehensive look at eSignatures as an Important Tool for RIM Professionals

Join ARMA Mid-Michigan on December 13 for a discussion on eSignatures! Rich DeMello from the State of Michigan’s Records Management Services will guide us through a comprehensive look on how eSignature technology is an important tool improving critical business processes, while discussing measures to consider other than quickly signing a document. E-Signature technology is simple, intuitive, convenient and provides a high level of security. Rich will cover the following areas: defining eSignatures, identity management, authentication, eSignature process, rollout considerations, and a demonstration. Register by December 11 to or on facebook. Click on the link below for more information.


Join ARMA Mid-Michigan on November 15th for a discussion on secure records destruction. Learn about what it means to be NAID certified and how this makes a difference to you as the customer. Allshred was the fourth NAID certified company in the country and has been described as the Fort Knox of the shredding industry in the Midwest. Their headquarters has the latest in security technology with a double-shred shredding system, GPS technology monitoring of their shred trucks and a digital camera system with internal viewing of the document shredding process.  Allshred is located in Maumee, OH and provides direct service to a 7-state area with capabilities to support clients elsewhere though a vast network of NAID-Certified subcontracting partners.


Join ARMA Mid-Michigan on Oct 17 for a fun filled event on improving RIM training methods. Chapter members will encourage attendees to collaborate with each other, especially focusing on hands-on exercises, interactive games, polling technology, and the importance of live webinars, online courses, and virtual meetings.


On September 28, Mid-Michigan ARMA presented a behind the scenes tour at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and saw how they managed their exhibit information. The Colosseum etching on the left by Giambattista Piranesiwas one of the few priceless pieces of art we viewed. This book was printed in Paris in 1809.